Welcome to Cochrane Czech Republic

Cochrane Czech Republic is the Czech representative of Cochrane, a not-for-profit international organization that produces systematic reviews. Cochrane Czech Republic was founded in December 2018 as an Associate Center of Cochrane Germany, one of the founding centers of the Cochrane Collaboration. This means it will be supported by Cochrane Germany who will offer methodological support, mentoring, and supervision.

Cochrane Collaboration has more than 13 000 members from 130 countries around the world and produces credible, accessible health information that is free from commercial sponsorship and other conflicts of interest. Cochrane’s work (Cochrane Reviews) is recognized as representing an international gold standard for high quality, trusted information. Cochrane is a global independent network of researchers, healthcare professionals, patients, carers and people interested in health.

Cochrane Czech Republic is coordinated and led by its Associate Director, Professor Dr. Miloslav Klugar and  Associate Professor and Deputy Director for evidence syntheses and implementation, Jitka Klugarová and Associate Professor and Deputy Director for education activities Andrea Pokorná.

The vision of Cochrane Czech Republic is to promote evidence-based decision making in healthcare in the Czech Republic by supporting and training authors of Cochrane Reviews and use of Cochrane evidence in everyday clinical practice and health in general.

Cochrane Czech Republic also incorporates evidence-based medicine and critical thinking methods into curricula of universities and knowledge translation.

Our priorities for our group are:

Priority 1:  Support the production of high quality, relevant, up-to-date systematic reviews and other synthesized research evidence to inform health decision-making mainly in the selected field of Medicine and Public Health.

Priority 2: Advocating for evidence in the Czech Republic to inform health decision-making, build greater recognition of our work and become a leading advocate for evidence-informed health care in the Czech Republic

Priority 3: Education of medical students and also graduates medical doctors about Cochrane collaboration its mission, vision, activities, and methods.

Priority 4: Training of key stakeholders in evidence synthesis and use of best evidence in decision-making in the Czech healthcare.

Cochrane produces reviews which study all of the best available evidence generated through research and make it easier to inform decisions about health. These are called systematic reviews (SR).

Cochrane review production tools are Review Manager (RevMan5) and RevMan Web. RevMan is a software used for preparing and maintaining Cochrane Reviews. RevMan facilitates the preparation of protocols and full reviews, including text, characteristics of studies, comparison tables, and study data. It can perform a meta-analysis of the data entered and present the results graphically.

Full SR are published in a high-quality professional journal „Cochrane Library“ with „Impact Factor“ 6,754. The Cochrane Library is an online collection of databases that contains up-to-date research on the effectiveness of healthcare treatments and interventions. The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (CDSR) is the leading resource for systematic reviews in health care. CDSR includes all Cochrane Reviews and protocols prepared by Cochrane Review groups.